A journal of my journey with the “Iceman” Wim Hof: Just Breathe!


Hello all,

My journal is finally here!  I am sharing this experience because it was too amazing and enriching not to share. For those of you who were not aware, I recently took a trip to Poland for an intensive week of meditation study with Wim Hof. He is known as the “Iceman” for having broken many Guinness World records for braving and enduring the cold in many different scenarios. What makes Wim unique is the fact that he is not a circus freak. He teaches the concepts behind everything that he does and he has changed many lives as a result. People with MS, cancer and even various auto-immune diseases have been healing themselves with his methods. He is not a guru and he does not claim ownership for his teachings. Wim has been the topic of international scientific research and the findings have been astounding. Many scientists are now in the process of re-writing and editing actual textbooks due to the research that has been done on his practices. To summarize, it is largely a practice built on breathing and mental acceptance of “what is,” and then capturing the power to completely control your body and mind while gaining a better understanding of your spirit in the process. For many, using the word “spirit” often evokes the foul smell of pseudo-science. That said, if you have ever done any meditation exercises you will note that as you quiet your mind you are able to observe your mind thinking independently. The simple fact that “you” are something other than just your mind suggests that there is a consciousness outside of your thinking brain. Just to be clear, when I use the word “spirit,” I am referring to that consciousness without any connection to any religious dogma.


I will preface by saying that this is not a literary masterpiece by any stretch so please excuse any grammatical errors, tense changes, run on sentences and disjointed thoughts and ideas. My aim is to give you a snapshot of one of the most transformative experiences of my life in its most raw and pure form. While on my adventure with Wim in Poland I kept my notes on my iPhone and I recently dumped them into a word document and I have been doing some minor edits but again I wanted to keep the text in the rawest format possible in order to most effectively share the experience that I had with you all. I will make best efforts to finish editing all 6 days as soon as possible but for now here is Day 1. I will try follow up with Day 2 as soon as I can (hopefully tomorrow or the next day). Day 1 is by far the longest because of the initial shock of what I got myself into upon arrival gave me a lot to write about.


A friend of mine from TrueLine, Lance Pelletier, told me about Wim and how he was able to do the most incredible things. He sounded like a man who had some special powers which is always intriguing. He then sent me the following links:


After reading them all I went to his website:


After checking out his site I noticed that he had a retreat that you could attend to actually live with Wim for a week and learn these practices regardless what level you were at in the training. I immediately booked the online class and also signed up to fly to Poland to do it. I cannot describe this decision in any other terms than it just felt right. I believe in surrounding yourself by amazing people. When you do this, you learn from what they have to offer which in turn bolsters your personal growth curve. It’s no coincidence that Lance turned me onto him because at TrueLine Publishing we tend to attract open minded and awesome folk who are excited about life and living. That said, thanks Lance, I appreciate it!

I flew to Poland with no itinerary and no clue what to expect and what I found exceeded all potential expectations. I left Poland with a new sense of physical, mental and spiritual agency. Wim is now a true friend and inspiring teacher in my life. I also formed bonds with everyone in the group. There were 25 people (I was the only American) all of which were on a similar journey in life and the friendships that I forged will be long lasting. I am writing in hopes that this journal inspires you to take action in your life and claim you true inner power: the power to create your own reality.

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