Day 4: Breakthrough

My big goal on Day 4 was to really dig into the meditation breathing and get some breakthroughs, and that I did! I had a huge breakthrough this morning. I literally went into a blissful state and then started laughing uncontrollably followed by bursting into tears and balling (quietly of course).  I couldn’t explain why but the emotions just started pouring out just as Wim said they would. I was surprised, I’m not at all a crier… This is supposed to be the effect of the breathing activating and decalcifying my pituitary gland which helps to produce a signal to clear blockages (physical and emotional, all blockages usually surface in both forms). So again without spending years in therapy (which may still be useful) you can blast through the physical blockages with the breathing and free yourself off all the baggage from our psyches and feel and live more freely.

Wim says daily, we need to be three things on life: healthy happy and strong… Every prayer I say with all meals with my family happens to already include “please keep us healthy happy safe and strong” so needless to say I agree!  During the meditation many others said they quietly cried and experienced laughter as well. A couple of people were crying loudly and making crazy noises and I judged them which actually held me back in the first two days. After letting go of judgment about others I was free to experience what was there to be felt and it was amazing.

Wim said today would be a slower day of rest after the big climb and so we did a double meditation session and he gave a lecture in pain and controlling the auto versus parasympathetic nervous system with then mind.  This is the basis for why scientists are studying him and literally re-writing text books. This method allows you to restructure your DNA and beat all sorts of auto immune diseases. He has famous pianists with MS to famous scholars with cancer who practice the breathing techniques and have literally been cured in a very short period of time. It’s quite unbelievable actually. Half of the people here have really done more of the research and read the articles on him and its mind blowing how simple it is and how amazing the results can be.

This morning Wim’s son was questioned as to why he didn’t practice the method with us and he laughed and explained to us that he helped his dad to turn this from something that his father just did on his own into to a method that others can learn as well. He said that the snow and extreme cold training is just to wake your body up and get things moving but once you fully get the principles, you don’t need all of the theatrics. He then said (30 years old) “I haven’t been sick since I was 12. When a cold comes on I simply focus my intention on stopping it and it goes away.” He is in complete control of his body and can easily influence his immune system. Phenomenal.

After the morning meditation, on this “slow relaxing recovery day” we did 10 minutes of “snow-ga” followed by a fun outdoor snowball fight and then my toes turned yellow again… I am the only one with this problem, apparently I have constricted veins and Wim says I can overcome it by forcing blood flow as often as possible.  He prescribed a series of ice foot baths to help. Everyone here has already trained in the cold in outdoor water and other ways so in a lot of ways I’m playing catch up but that’s ok, I’m a pretty quick study ;).  I really wish my toes would stop giving me trouble though. We shall see, today seemed better than yesterday which is all that mattered.

After snow-ga we all hung out and started practicing yoga indoors and working out, it was awesome!  One yoga instructor for the UK showed us a ton of these poses and I got most of them!  Anything strength related I could handle, flexibly and binds were much harder for me but if I practice I think I could get really good at it.  After yoga, some of us went upstairs and did some pull ups, push ups etc, good stuff!  What a fun group, everyone is so motivated to work out and train at all times.  I’ve never been around so many focused humans.  I feel like we all must be related somehow.

The evening meditation was an exercise in trying to detach from the neo-cortex and get to the pituitary gland with just our minds and with less breathing. That was hard for everyone. He kept saying “like your energy, sit with it” and it made me realize that so many of my blockages (feet included) -emotional and experiential blockages usually surface in the body-come from a lack of love and acceptance of myself. I am a confident guy but true self love is different.  I need to up my self-love stock.  I need to work on that but I also need to focus on breathing and meditating more in order to blast through it. Forget about 20 years in therapy, I need to get to the source quicker and clean up shop with a greater degree of efficiency which this method will help me do!

After the meditation even though it was a relax recovery day after the big hike he still took us outside to lay in the snow instead of just stand in it.  Of course we wore only shorts but we stayed out for only 10 minutes. The goal was to practice the meditation in the snow and detach, relax despite the pain and breathe. Oddly enough although it was cold and painful I enjoyed it much more than standing in it as my toes are giving me most of the problems so this was actually a bit refreshing.

Off to dinner now!  Two more days of this to go… Man this is so not a vacation lol, this is hard work. I wake up anxious for what crazy things he is going to put us through next but I’m starting to trust myself and let go and know that I can handle whatever it is no matter how painful or uncomfortable and just enjoy every step of the way!

Ps: I really love the relationship Wim has with his son, so beautiful.

Wim Hof circle
(That’s me in the Hawaiian Style board shorts of course)

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